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Custom Cabinet Features

One of the best reasons to install custom cabinetry in your home is its ability to create an endless amount of special features that save you space and provide countless functions.  Custom cabinetry is intentional, functional design for your home that not only looks great, but helps you stay organized and make the most of your space.  Installation Services of Brevard are cabinet pros who can create a variety of custom cabinets for all of your storage solutions. Contact us today!

custom cabinet features

Custom Cabinet Features For Your Kitchen

Everyone can always use more storage, but storage with a specific function in mind is best.  Custom cabinetry allows you to turn any space into a customizable one. Custom details can create a pantry with organized shelving, so you’ll no longer have to hunt through your cabinets for an item you could have sworn you remember seeing at one point.  Slide out shelving inside of a pantry or cabinet allows you to access all of your items with ease, and keeps you much more organized than a traditional cabinet.  Looking for a way to keep your trash and recycling cans out of sight but still easy to reach?  Installation Services of Brevard can install a roll out trash bin holder, so you can keep them tucked away but slide them out whenever you need them.  

Custom utensil trays are also an excellent option for keeping your cutlery organized.  No need to rifle through a silverware drawer when your utensils are neatly organized in their built in slots.  

Custom pan holders are also a useful and helpful addition to any kitchen.  With custom details that allow you to hang your pans inside a drawer, or slots to organize them inside a cabinet, you won’t need to search for a pan and tear through an entire drawer in the process.  Installing custom cabinet details to hold your pots and pans also helps keep them looking newer, longer.  This tiny detail extends the life of your cookware, and will save you money in terms of replacing them down the road!

There truly is no limitation to the custom details that can be added to your home with custom cabinetry. Custom cabinetry is not only functional, but it can act as a way to beautifully display your prized possessions.  Installation Services of Brevard is happy to assist you in creating any type of cabinetry and storage, including built in shelves.  Utilizing custom cabinetry to put shelves in your kitchen is a great way to keep items you may often want visible and within reach, like cookbooks or decorative glassware.

Are you a wine drinker?  Custom cabinetry is the best way to build storage for all of your wine bottles.  Florida homeowners may not have basements, and therefore, may not have the luxury of a wine cellar. Custom cabinets allow you to utilize what could have otherwise been wasted space underneath a kitchen island or free-standing countertop for wine storage and easy access.  Installation Services of Brevard can complete any type of design with custom cabinetry to create fashionable and functional details in your home.

custom cabinet features

Custom Cabinet Details Throughout Your Entire Home

When most people hear the word “cabinets,” the kitchen comes most to mind.  Fortunately, cabinetry is not just limited to the kitchen, and Installation Services of Brevard can create custom storage solutions for any room in your home.  We are able to build custom storage solutions for your closets and bathrooms with features such as laundry hamper pull outs and built in drawer dividers.  Not only will you be able to get cabinets in almost any finish and color you would want, but you’ll be able to create storage solutions within your home.  

The Home of Your Dreams is Just a Phone Call Away!

Custom cabinetry allows you to create a stylish and functional design for your home that will increase both its value and beauty.  Contact Installation Services of Brevard to create home storage solutions made of the finest quality materials.  Give us a call today to learn how to make custom cabinetry work for you!

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