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Installation Services LLC of Brevard

Kitchen Cabinet Installation

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If you are looking for a professional kitchen cabinet installation team, Installation Services of Brevard offers you a one-stop shop for your kitchen cabinet installation needs. Installation Services of Brevard offers a showroom where you can select your dream kitchen cabinets. From a sleek modern style kitchen to a rustic charm kitchen to an elegant Victorian style kitchen, we can help you find what you are looking for to remodel your kitchen. 

If you are looking for a complete kitchen remodel, we can help. Typically other kitchen cabinet installation services have you find a plumber and electrician. Installation Services of Brevard works with top-performing electricians and plumbers. We can make sure your new farm sink is put inaccurately, or your cabinet under lighting is appropriately installed—there is no need for extra work when you hire a one-stop shop for your kitchen cabinet installation. Kitchen remodeling with Installation Services of Brevard is like an all-inclusive package. Pick out your counters, we coordinate with our plumber and electrician, so you don’t have to, and soon you’ll have a beautiful kitchen, and you don’t have to lift a finger!

Custom Cabinet Installation

You might not find the perfect cabinets in showrooms or online. That is okay, because Installation Services of Brevard offers custom cabinetry. When you work with us, you are purchasing cabinets made for you. They consist of some of the highest quality cabinet materials on the market. Some of these materials include:

  • Hardwood

  • Plywood

  • Fiberboard

  • Veneer

  • Particleboard

  • Laminate

  • Thermofoil

If you want to learn more about which cabinet material is best for you, visit our Kitchen Cabinet Materials page! We look forward to working with you to create the best custom cabinets for you and your home.

Why You Should Hire A Team

When you consider investing in brand new cabinets, you quickly learn that it is a very tedious process. Oftentimes, you end up needing to do electrical work or plumbing work. This type of work is usually done because water and power lines throughout your home need to be moved. However, doing this yourself is a very difficult task if you do not know what you’re doing. 

It is best to hire a professional team that can help you find and install the cabinets of your dreams. If you are taking the ‘do it yourself’ route, here are a few steps and tips. Installation Services of Brevard works closely with professional plumbers and electricians to save you the hassle of having to hire another two contractors for your kitchen cabinet installation. 

We bring a broad knowledge of cabinetry and vast array of experience to your project

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    Kitchen Cabinet Installation Process

    So, you finally have your brand new cabinets. What a wonderful time! However, they are not going to put themselves up in your kitchen. Here at Installation Services of Brevard, we have a commitment to always be transparent and honest with our customers about our services. This commitment is why we are more than happy to share with you our complete cabinet installation process.

    To start, you want to make sure you find a point of reference for your cabinets. At this point in the process, you will want to ensure that your cabinets are all level. Having unlevel cabinets could mean trouble in the future and can ultimately lead to damage to property or injury. In order to accomplish this, you’ll need to find the highest point on the floor. 

    Once you’ve found your point of reference, you’ll need to mark where the top of the base cabinets should be. This step will ensure your base cabinets are level. Naturally, your next step will be to mark where the top cabinet’s bottom will be and ensure these markings are level. This is why your point of reference is vital for your kitchen cabinet installation. It sets up how all your cabinets will be installed. 

    This part of the process is extremely important. You’ll need to locate the wall studs. The wall studs act as an anchor to your cabinets. It will ensure that your cabinets will not come out of your wall. This step is all about safety! Know your walls and find the hardware you’ll need. There are different hardware recommended for different types of walls. There is a drywall installation for cabinets, wall stud installation, and even concrete installation. Be sure you know what walls you have and what hardware you need for them. It is important to gather as much information you can about your materials and home before beginning the kitchen cabinet installation.

    When starting to assemble your cabinets, we recommend installing the top set first and then the base cabinets. It will make kitchen cabinet installation for the above cabinets much easier if your base cabinets aren’t in the way. You will also want to make sure you start with the corner cabinet. Starting with the corner cabinet will help all the cabinets align properly. Make sure when you install the top cabinets, you have a partner. Drilling through a cabinet and wall while holding up a cabinet can be extremely difficult for yourself. 

    You are almost to the finish line! Your next step will be attaching your cabinets together. Be sure that you do not completely tighten the cabinets together until all have been preliminarily screwed in. Last but not least. Install kitchen cabinet doors and make any drawer adjustments as needed! 

    These are just a few ‘rough steps’ of what it takes for a kitchen cabinet installation. It is important that you take all the necessary safety precautions when taking on a do-it-yourself project. If you end up hurting yourself or someone helping you hurts themselves it can cost a lot more than it would have if you hired experts for your kitchen cabinet installation. This potential for risk and danger is exactly why you should give us a call.

    Cabinet Tip

    If you have bought pre-assembled cabinets for your kitchen, you should always inspect them when they arrive. You need to make sure none of the cabinets were damaged in the shipping process. If they arrived damaged it could make kitchen cabinet installation difficult. Furthermore, unattractive or damaged cabinets could not look as appealing as you were hoping they would. If you require an extra set of eyes to determine any possible damages, give us a call! We can give you an expert opinion on the state of your cabinets and what to do next.

    The Right Kitchen Cabinet Installation in Brevard

    It is extremely important to make sure your kitchen cabinet installation is assembled and set correctly. No matter what you decide to do, you will want to make sure you have a professional on hand that can . Having a beautiful kitchen that has its kitchen cabinets installation done properly can add property value to your home.

    Have Our Team Install Your New Cabinets

    At Installation Services of Brevard, we are a one-stop-shop complete with a showroom full of kitchen cabinets, demolition services for your current kitchen, kitchen cabinet installation services, and we work closely with top-performing electricians and plumbers in order to save you time and money. Give us a call today at 321-474-4026 and we can set up a kitchen consultation with one of our experts who can answer all your questions about our kitchen cabinet installation services. Feel free to stop by our showroom to check out all of our kitchen products and even ask us a few questions about your kitchen remodel. It’s essential to do all the research you can before jumping into a remodel. Installation Services of Brevard is here for the DIYers or if you want to be ultimately hands-off on your kitchen remodel. We offer free estimates as well! Call today 321-474-4026.

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