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More Than Cabinet Installers

So, you’ve found a contractor who meets your budget. But can you be sure they are going to be able to deliver the quality you expect? Many kitchen cabinet installers only have expertise in that one area. 

This might be fine if that’s the only thing they are doing. But even then, there are advantages to having a contractor that knows the whole business.

That is why our team of experts here at Installation Services of Brevard are the perfect fit for any project. No matter if you want to have your cabinets refaced or you want new cabinets installed, we guarantee that you will receive the highest quality of service. Click here to experience the best cabinet installers and full cabinetry service in Brevard County.

Unmatched Expertise Saves You Time

Issues are bound to arise during any installation or remodeling project. Besides, many projects experience some bumps in the road before ending in a great product. Our team of cabinet installers has expertise in all aspects of construction, making us well-rounded and able to tackle almost every problem we find along the way. We can solve extra issues that might come up. This saves you from having to call another contractor, spend more money and waste more time. 

Even worse, an inexperienced cabinet installer might not notice an issue at all. This leaves it to wreak havoc in the future. You need someone who has been in a wide variety of situations. They will know what to do in any situation to ensure quality work. Thankfully, you’re in good hands with our team on your side. We’ve got you covered no matter what unexpected problems might come up.

True Customer Service

With so many companies out there saying the same things, it can be hard to know who is being honest. It feels like everyone says “we put our customers first”, but do they mean it? You don’t have to wonder when you work with our team here at Installation Services of Brevard. We treat all of our customers as members of our family.

We have an unmatched extended service policy with our customers. If we work on your home, we will be there to help with any issues that may arise even if it’s years down the road. If you have a hinge that goes bad or needs a screw replaced, give us a call and we will be there to take care of you. No matter what cabinetry service you need.

When we have completed the job in your home, we don’t just get up and leave. We do a full walkthrough with you, pointing out everything we did and asking for your feedback. We ensure your satisfaction before leaving the job site. Our team here at Installation Services of Brevard wants to make sure that everything is up to par before we officially complete a project.

Let's Build a Relationship

We see our customers as lifetime customers. We treat you like we’re going to see you again, and we work like you’re going to call us about it. You are never merely a number or a check to us. We are great kitchen cabinet installers. But we also strive to be “trust installers” when we work with you.

We take pride in our work and we love our customers. It is an honor to work in your home and want to make sure we treat you with the respect and care that you deserve.

We do it right. We do it all. We put you first, and we always will.

Our Care Sets Us Apart

As stated earlier, cabinetry can be a rough process. Kitchen cabinet installers typically expect at least a few issues to show up. This is especially the case with fitting cabinets, as sizes aren’t always one size fits all dimensions. That’s why it takes a meticulous company like Installation Services of Brevard to take great care when doing installations, custom cabinetry, and other cabinetry services. Our kitchen cabinet installers ensure that all issues are mitigated, and this is the reason we’ve been crowned the premier kitchen cabinet installers of Brevard County.

Customers say we are the greatest cabinet installers when it comes to remodeling or making additions to your home. Our team doesn’t ever cut corners or rush jobs because we know how important a polished product is to you. We ensure all our services, beyond just installations are done with care and precision, so you will be satisfied for a lifetime.

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The Best Cabinetry Service in Brevard County!

When it comes to cabinetry services, Installation Services of Brevard can’t be beaten! It’s our exceptional customer service and dedication to delivering top-notch craftsmanship that has made us the best cabinetry service in Brevard County. We strive to deliver stellar results no matter what type of project you’re looking for:

Installation Services of Brevard is extremely meticulous in our work and takes great care to ensure that your project gets done right the first time. Our biggest fear is that you encounter any issues down the line with our work. We’re proud to say that we’ve mitigated this for as long as we’ve been around!

Our Valued Customers are Singing Our Praise

Our customers are the reason we are where we are today. We couldn’t be more proud of the amazing reviews they have for us, rating us with consistent 5 stars! It’s our commitment to customer service and quality craftsmanship that keeps our customers coming back time and time again.

Just listen to what they’ve been saying:

I love this company! They’re a cabinet service that actually cares. I’ve never experienced this level of responsiveness and customer service from a cabinetry company. Installation Services of Brevard is truly the best cabinetry service in Brevard county!” –Jordan Talbot

“Nathan installed 2 stock cabinets that I purchased from a local big box store. He took pride in his work even though I did not get the cabinets through his company. I wish I used Installation Services of Brevard for my original kitchen makeover.” -Elizabeth T.

“They were the only company (of 5) to engage with me when we needed our kitchen cabinets tuned & repaired. Both Nathan and Bob came out and when they left, the issues we were having with the drawers were gone. They really saved the day. Much appreciated and recommended.” -Jeff H.

If you’re looking for a cabinetry service that is reliable, affordable, and of the highest quality, then look no further than Installation Services of Brevard! Call us today or click here to get started on your project and experience the gold standard of kitchen cabinet installers. Our team looks forward to working with you soon!

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Our Customers Love Us For Our: Honesty .

Frequently Asked Questions

No! We provide a full range of cabinetry services, including custom cabinetry, cabinet installations, baseboard molding, cabinet removal, and laminate countertops.

We proudly serve Brevard County and the surrounding areas.

We provide an unmatched extended service policy with all of our customers, we do a full walkthrough with you after completing the job, and we take great care in providing quality craftsmanship that is reliable and affordable. That’s why we’ve been crowned the premier cabinet installers of Brevard County!

We try to feature discounts as often as possible, so please check out our website for the most up-to-date offers.

We proudly accept all major credit cards and PayPal. We also offer financing options with approved credit.

We offer a 3-year limited warranty on all of our work, so you can rest assured that we stand by the quality of our work.

Yes! Our team is available for emergency cabinetry services and repairs 24/7.

No, you do not need to provide any materials for us to complete the job. We have everything we need on-site and will bring all the necessary tools and supplies to get the job done right.

Turnaround time depends on the size and complexity of your project. We will provide you with an estimated timeline for completion before beginning any work.

Yes! Our team is available for free in-person consultations or phone calls to discuss your project needs and answer any questions. Just give us a call or click here to get started!

We take great pride in providing exceptional customer service throughout the entire process. From initial consultation to follow-up after project completion, our team is here for you and dedicated to delivering top-notch results. You won’t be disappointed!