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Cabinet Refacing Benefits

Cabinet refacing is an easy way to give your home an update without doing an entire cabinetry install. Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make in your lifetime, so it should come as no surprise the fixtures and accents you choose for your home are also important investments. Cabinets are a necessary storage solution in any home, whether they stay confined to the kitchen or are also utilized as storage in other rooms.  Well made cabinetry can last a lifetime when properly installed and constructed.  

While your cabinets may be built to withstand the test of time, interior design tastes are always changing and evolving.  If you decide to renovate your home, cabinet refacing is an economical alternative to complete cabinet replacement.  In this blog, you will learn about the benefits of cabinet refacing and whether it may be the right choice for you to make in your home renovation process.

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing is the process of leaving the original cabinetry in place while removing only the doors.  The doors and edges of the cabinets are then sanded down, refinished, and laminated.  New handle fixtures are applied and then the doors are re-installed.  

Why is Cabinet Refacing a Good Choice?

Cabinet refacing maintains the framework of your original cabinets while providing a stylized update.  If you are renovating your home, cabinet refacing is a great option for updating the color of your cabinets or changing the style of the fixtures attached.  Cabinet refacing will help you change the aesthetic of your home without changing the design – think of cabinet refacing as a facelift for your kitchen or bathroom!  When the original cabinets are well made and designed, there is no need to replace them entirely.  Installation Services of Brevard can handle your remodel in any stage, whether it be the initial installation of custom made cabinetry or a refacing of your cabinets to adapt to your ever changing style and design tastes.

Is Cabinet Refacing Cost Effective?

Cabinet refacing is a much more cost effective option than gutting your entire kitchen or bathroom and executing a complete cabinet installation.  A new cabinet installation is also often unnecessary if the original cabinets are durable and well made, as all custom cabinetry made by Installation Services of Brevard is.  If your kitchen or bathroom is in need of a slight update, cabinet refacing is a much more cost effective solution than an entire remodel.  Not only will the cost of cabinet refacing be substantially less than removing original cabinets and installing new ones, but the process takes less time than gutting your kitchen or bathroom and replacing your original fixtures.  Often, a cabinet refacing total cost is less than half of what new cabinetry installation would be.

Is Cabinet Refacing Convenient?

Cabinet refacing is minimally invasive to the overall home.  While most kitchen and bathroom renovations can take weeks, cabinet refacing can be done within a matter of days, since it only involves removing the doors.  Because the entire cabinet does not need to be removed and replaced, this means your kitchen will be fully functional during the refacing process.  One of the most inconvenient aspects of a kitchen remodel is the lack of access to the kitchen.  When your kitchen area is unable to be used because of renovations, you will spend money on dining out or takeout food.  With cabinet refacing, no appliances need to be moved or made inaccessible.  In addition to having full use of your kitchen during the refacing treatment, you will also have full use of your cabinet storage.  Because only the cabinet doors are removed, there is no need to find another storage solution for the items in your cabinet.  Another convenient aspect of cabinet refacing is the reduced cleanup after the refacing is complete.  An entire kitchen remodel clean-up can feel like a days-long task within itself.  Cabinet refacing results in minimal dust and debris which allows your kitchen to be fully functional throughout the entire process.

Is Cabinet Refacing Customizable?

Cabinet refacing is a process that is completely customizable.  Refacing can entirely transform the look of your cabinets.  Refacing will not only change the color of your cabinets and replace any hardware, but it can also change the cabinet design and details.  If your original cabinets are high quality and do not need foundational updates and instead just need a little cosmetic work, cabinet refacing can be done to your exact specifications.  Even though you aren’t installing new cabinetry, cabinet refacing will change the appearance of your kitchen and bathroom. Using Installation Services of Brevard for your cabinet refacing is the best choice.  We pride ourselves in using the highest quality materials, and are skilled in creating custom cabinetry.  Installation Services of Brevard will be able to turn your dream kitchen or bathroom into a reality with cabinet refacing,

Is Cabinet Refacing a Worthwhile Investment?

Absolutely. Fresh, modern cabinet doors will increase the value of your home, and require less money up front than an entire cabinet remodel.  Homes with custom details, like the high quality handmade cabinets offered by Installation Services of Brevard, are always more desirable to buyers than generic designs.  Not only will a cabinet refacing make your home more beautiful and modern, but the refacing will make you money in the future.  

Cabinet refacing is a viable option for those seeking to update their kitchen and bathroom design without needing to gut, renovate and reinstall.  Installation Services of Brevard is the perfect company to complete your refacing project.  Our quality materials ensure the long life of your cabinets, and our attention to detail on custom projects is unmatched.  Contact us to learn how to increase the beauty and value of your home with a cabinet refacing today!

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